Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager Effectively Supports a Gatekeeper


A large specialty retailer with 500 stores and growing with a market cap of $1.2B. This specialty retailer has implemented a business process that streamlined the assignment of tasks to the stores, such that all task assignments were to be funneled through a single gatekeeper at corporate.

Process Engineering and Software Selection

Using a combination of emails and paper sheets for workflow communications they lacked an adequate tool to help them realize the full benefits of the new process. The company decided to look for a workflow management tool to support their new business process. In particular, they looked for a tool that would allow managers to easily follow up on the execution of tasks, allow store managers to effectively communicate any issues around tasks, and introduce accountability for associates around the execution of tasks. After careful consideration, they decided to move forward with our Workflow Management solution as their preferred solution. The client was specifically intrigued by the simplicity, functionality, and the economically appealing hosted model of our Workflow Manager solution.

Work Sampling

As part of the implementation process, the client conducted a two-week study in a 13-store district. The study evaluated the processes at the stores before using Workflow Manager, and aimed to measure the potential value of Enfatica's solution. The study demonstrated the significant time savings that Enfatica's Workflow Management solution would bring at the store level, as summarized below:


Process Prior to using
Workflow Manager

Benefits of
Workflow Manager

Assign Tasks

  • Each store manager spent on average 20.3 min./day assigning tasks
  • 67% of tasks repeated regularly
  • No need to rewrite details of repeating tasks
  • Expected savings of 50-60%, or 10.15-12.2 min./day per store

Follow Up on Task Status

  • Each store manager spent on average 12.9 min./day checking task status
  • Store managers were informed of the completion of only 52% of all assigned tasks
  • Ability to check task status frequently
  • Check status of all tasks in a single screen view
  • Expected savings of 4.9 min./day per store if task status is checked every hour

Update District Manager

  • Status of each task was checked only once
  • Each store manager spent on average 7.31 min./day responding to inquiries from district manager regarding task status
  • District manager can check task status online
  • Expected elimination of 100% of time store managers spend responding to inquiries from district manager

In total, the study showed that our Workflow Management solution would save at least 22.4 minutes per day out of a total 40.5 minutes each store manager spent on average task-related activities, not counting the time savings for District Managers, and the qualitative benefits that come along with Workflow Management, such as having a uniform process across all the stores. Summing these benefits up across all stores, and translating the time savings to monetary terms, the client is expected to realize at minimum the following benefits:

  • Savings of 2.6 hours per week per store.
  • Savings of 6x the total annual investment in our Workflow Manager solution